5th January

Born on this day 5th January
1787 John Burke
1855 King Camp Gillette
1902 Stella Gibbons
1931 Robert Duval
1938 King Juan Carlos of Spain
1940 Sir Michael Rose
1942 Jan Leeming
1943 Eusebio
1946 Diane Keaton
1950 Chris Stein
1960 Steve Jones
1965 Vinnie Jones
1974 Sarah Jane Honeywell

Died on this day
1066 Edward the Confessor
1933 Calvin Coolidge
1941 Amy Johnson


1959 Buddy Holly’s single ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ was released in the US, the last single released before his death in February that year.

1983 Paul Weller played his first live show since leaving The Jam.

1987 Aled Jones announced his retirement from show business to study for O Levels.


1889 Preston North End is declared winner of the original football league

1971 One day cricket was born when England played Australia at Melbourne, after the Test match had been abandoned as a result of the previous days’ rain.

1992 British swimmer Nick Gillingham, the first man since 1966 to retain the European title at 200 metres breaststroke and bronze medal winner in the world championships, was named Swimmer of the Year by the British Swimming Coaches Association.

People & Showbiz

1984 Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson was buried at sea. He had drowned while swimming in the Pacific the previous week.

1988 In a letter to the BBC, Mary Whitehouse, president of the National Viewers and Listeners Association, criticized ‘Eastenders’ for ‘unscrupulously manipulating children to boost viewing figures’ . The BBC commented: ‘As always, we will study her letter with interest’

General Events

1066 Edward the Confessor dies childless, sparking a succession crisis that will eventually lead to the Norman Conquest of England.

1914 The Ford Motor Company announces an eight-hour workday and a minimum wage of $5 for a day’s labour.

1944 The Daily Mail becomes the first transoceanic newspaper.

1964 The first automatic ticket barrier on the London Underground was installed at Stamford Brook.

1977 Home Secretary and former Labour deputy leader Roy Jenkins resigned as an MP to take up the position of President of the EEF Commission in Brussels, the first Briton to hold the position.

1981 The hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper came to an end when long-distance lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe was charged with the murder of 13 women.

1991 13 people died as winds of up to 100mph battered much of the country. 7 people were killed in a single incident in the Irish Republic when a tree crushed their mini-van.

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