30th December

Born on this day 30th December
1552 Simon Forman
1678 William Croft
1722 Charles Yorke
1741 Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain
1865 Rudyard Kipling
1906 Carol Reed
1928 Jack Lord
1929 Rosalind Hurley
1937 Gordon Banks
1939 Del Shannon
1928 Bo Diddley
1934 Russ Tamblyn
1942 Mike Nesmith
1942 Guy Edwards
1945 Davy Jones
1947 Jeff Lynne
1957 Rod Harrington
1959 Tracey Ullman
1969 Jay Kay
1975 Tiger Woods
1983 Joe Thomas
1986 Ellie Goulding
1988 Leon Jackson

Died on this day
1916 Rasputin
1970 Sonny Liston


1879 Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Piratesof Penzance’ was performed for the first time in Devon

1948 Cole Porter’s ‘Kiss Me Kate’ was performed for the first time in New York

1986 Holding onto the No. 1 position in the UK was Jackie Wilson with ‘Reet Petite (The Sweetest Feeling)


1991 Sunderland Football Club dismissed Denis Smith as manager

People & Showbiz

1983 News At 10′ presenter Alastair Burnet was awarded a knighthood in the New Years honours list

1991 81 year old Mother Teresa was seriuosly ill in a California hospital following a heart attack

1992 Entertainer Leslie Crowther was awarded a CBE in the New Year’s Honours List. Disc Jockey Jimmy Young, Anthony Hopkinsand Kate Adie were also awarded

General Events

1460 Wars of the Roses: Battle of Wakefield.

1853 A dinner party is held inside a life-size model of an Iguanodon created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and Sir Richard Owen in south London.

1887 A petition addressed to Queen Victoria with the signatures of over 1 million women appealing for public houses to be shut on Sundays, was handed to the Home Secretary

1922 Russia officially became the Union of Soviet Socilaist Republics

1932 The London to Brighton line was electrified, with the Southern Belle becoming the Brighton Belle

1965 Ferdinand Marcos was sworn in as the 6th President of the Phillipines

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