25th December

Born on this day 25th December
1642 Sir Isaac Newton
1887 Conrad Hilton
1899 Humphrey Bogart
1944 Kenny Everett
1932 Little Richard
1936 HRH Princess Alexandra
1949 Sissy Spacek
1954 Annie Lennox
1957 Shane McGowan

1956 Pat Boone arrived in the UK for the first time
1967 Paul McCartney announced his engagement to actress Jane Asher
1978 Public Image Limited played their first live performance at the Rainbow theatre, London

1866 The American yacht Henrietta sailed into Cowes harbour, to win the first transatlantic yacht race

People & Showbiz

1800 The first Christmas tree in Britain was erected at Queen’s lodge, Windsor by Queen Charlotte, German wife of George III who brought the idea over from her home country.
1932 King George V made the first Royal broadcast to the Empire
1939 King George VI made his first wartime broadcast, beginning…’I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year…’
1957 The Queen made her first televised broadcast

General Events
1741 The Centigrade temperature scale was devised by Anders Celsius
1990 Much of Britain was lashed by storms, with up to 100,000 homes on south and western England left without electricity
1991 An ambulance station at The Oval, London was ransacked while crews were out on Emergency calls
1992 A masked man who broke into the home of a 70 year old woman in Newcastle upon Tyne and stole £4 returned a few hours later and handed back the money and gave her a cuddle

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