22nd December

Born on this day 22nd December
1858 Giacomo Puccini
1888 Lord J Arthur Rank
1907 Dame Peggy Ashcroft
1909 Patricia Hayes
1936 James Burke
1948 Noel Edmonds
1949 Robin Gibb
1957 Ricky Ross
1960 Mark Brydon
1962 Ralph Fiennes
1964 Simon Kirby
1966 David Wright
1967 Rebecca Harris
1969 Mark Robins
1970 Gary Anderson
1974 Michael Barron

1962 The Tornado’s instrumental single ‘Telstar’ became the first single by a UK group to top the US charts
1973 Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ stood at the top of the UK album charts
1990 For the second consecutive year, Paula Abdul was voted the Top Female Album Act in the US

1972 Manchester United Football Club appointed Tommy Docherty as their new manager
1991 French footballer Jean-Pierre Papin, captain of Marseilles, won the European footballer of the year. The highest placed British player was Gary Lineker in 6th

People & Showbiz
1982 6 month old Prince William took part in his first public photo session, arranged by the Prince and Princess of Wales
1987 Mia Farrow gave birth to Woody Allen’s first child, a son
1997 Cookery writer and TV personality Delia Smith bought the majority shareholding of Norwich City football club

General Events
1877 Liquid oxygen was created by Geneva scientist Raoul Picket
1894 French artillry officer Alfred Dreyfus was found guilty of selling army secrets to Germany and imprisoned on Devil’s Island, an incident which sparked off the infamous Dreyfus affair
1965 The motorway speed limit of 70mph was introduced in Britain
1972 16 people were discovered alive some 10,000 feet up in the Andes where their plane had crashed 10 weeks earlier. It was discovered they had only survived by eating the flesh of their dead companions

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