19th December

Born on this day 19th December
1915 Edith Piaf
1922 Eamonn Andrews
1923 Gordon Jackson
1946 Robert Urich
1924 Edmund Perdom
1941 Maurice White
1942 Sid Little
1947 Rosemary Conley
1958 Limahl
1958 Steven Isserlis
1969 Richard Hammond
1971 Karen Pickering
1975 Jon Smith
1983 Bridget Phillipson
1985 Gary Cahill
1985 Lady Sovereign
1986 Calvin Andrew
1988 Peter Winn
1989 Hamza Riazuddin
1991 Declan Galbraith

1955 Sun Records rockabilly star Carl Perkins recorded the classic ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ which went on to become a million seller the following year.
1965 Who drummer Keith Moon collapsed on stage at the Ricky Tick Club in Windsor.
1987 The Pet Shop Boys reached Number One with their Elvis Presley tribute, ‘Always On My Mind’.

1982 Tony Meo and Steve Davis beat Terry Griffiths and Doug Mountjoy by thirteen frames to two in the final of the Hofmeister world doubles championship at Crystal Palace.
1997 Adam Hollioak led England’s one-day cricket team to a three-wicket win over the West Indies in Sharjah. England were seen home by Graham Thorpe and Matthew Fleming who made 70 runs in less than 7 overs

People & Showbiz
1984 According to a published report by the Tea Council, despite strong competition, tea was still Britain’s favourite drink.
1989 According to a survey by Interactive Research, 80% of children aged under twelve believe in Father Christmas..

General Events
1154 Henry II became King of England.
1863 Linoleum was patented by Londoner Frederick Walton.
1984 Britain and China signed an agreement to return Hong Kong to China in 1997.
1996 Doris Jourd beleived to have been the first girl scout, celebrated her 100th birthday. After pleading with her mother for years, she finally joined the boy scouts.

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