18th December

Born on this day 18th December
1916 Betty Grable
1938 Chas Chandler
1943 Keith Richards
1947 Steven Spielberg
1963 Brad Pitt
1963 Robson Green
1966 Les Ferdinand
1966 Keifer Sutherland
1980 Christina Aguilera
1984 Paul Harrison
1988 Lizzie Armitstead
1989 Emily Atack
1989 Ashley Slanina-Davies

1959 Emile Ford became the first black male artist to top the chart with ‘What Do Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For’.
1962 Elvis Presley was still No.1 with ‘Return To Sender’.
1983 Keith Richard married Patti Hansen in Mexico on his 40th birthday, with Mick Jagger as best man.

1952 Legendary American boxer Sugar Ray Robinson retired as world middleweight boxing champion.
1971 Champion English National Hunt jockey Stan Mellor rode his 1000th winner, Ouzo, at Nottingham

People & Showbiz
1967 In Moscow, British traitor Kim Philby was hailed as a hero of the Soviet Union.
1983 Former US President Gerald Ford made his acting debut in the soap opera ‘Dynasty’

General Events
1787 New Jersey became the 3rd US state.
1865 Slavery was abolished throughout the United States of America.
1912 The discovery of the Piltdown man in East Sussex, beleived to be the fossilised skull and remains of the earliest European was announced. In 1953 the skull was proved to be a hoax and that of an orang-utan, not a human.
1969 The death penalty for murder was formally abolished in Britain.

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