16th December

Born on this day 16th December
1485 Catherine of Aragon
1770 Ludwig Van Beethoven
1775 Jane Austen
1899 Sir Noel Coward
1917 Sir Arthur C. Clarke
1938 Liv Ullman
1943 Tony Hicks
1943 Steven Bocho
1946 Benny Andersson
1947 Martyn Poliakoff
1948 Christopher Biggins
1951 Sally Emerson
1964 Gail Harris
1966 Dennis Wise
1969 Simon Grayson
1969 Craig White
1975 Paul Maynard
1978 Joe Absolom
1983 Danielle O’Hara
1984 Theo James
1985 Rachel Bright
1985 James Nash
1988 Anna Popplewell
1994 Elliot Lee
1994 Stephen Sutton

1937 Noel Gay’s ‘Me and my Girl’ received its first performance in London, introducing the song ‘The Lambeth Walk’.
1955 Britain’s top group the Stargazer sang ‘Rock Around the Clock’ on the final edition of the successful ‘Show Band’ television series.
1960 George Harrison was deported from Germany because he was too young to be working there and the rest of The Beatles soon followed him.
1972 For the second time, American soul singer Roy C’s recording of ‘Shotgun’ Wedding’ was in the UK Top 10, despite never even making it into the Top 100 in his soul land.

1996 Formula One was put into chaos as Frank Williams and other leading members of the world champion Williams team were told that they were to be tried for manslaughter on Feb 20th 1997 for the death of racing driver Ayrton Senna.
1997 Frank Williams and two other senior members of the William’s Formula One team were cleared on charges of manslaughter arising from the death of Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna.

People & Showbiz
1990 45 year old rock star Rod Stewart married 22 year old Rachel Hunter in Beverley Hills.
1992 Comedian Jim Davidson and his fourth wife Tracie Hilton announced they were to split

General Events
1897 English actor William Terris was stabbed by Richard Prince, an embittered small-part actor, as he left the stage door of London’s Adelphi Theatre. His ghost is still said to haunt the theatre.
1987 The Government banned newspapers publication of Peter Wright’s ‘Spycatcher’.
1991 56 year old Stella Rimington was appointed the first woman to head MI5.
1992 In a survey organised by American Express men would rather find Sue Lawley in their Christmas stocking than Madonna.

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