4th December

Born on this Day 4th December
1875 Edgar Wallace
1912 Jimmy Jewell
1954 Dennis Wilson
1921 Deanna Durbin
1930 Ronnie Corbett
1942 Gemma Jones
1942 Chris Hillman
1952 Jeff Bridges
1953 Pamela Stephenson
1955 Philip Hammond
1958 Tim Hutchings
1959 Paul McGrath
1962 Kevin Richardson
1964 Scott Hastings
1966 Chris Shepherd
1969 Plum Sykes
1973 Michael Jackson
1982 Nathan Douglas
1985 Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

1976 Showaddywaddy were at No 1 with ‘Under the Moon of Love’.
1982 The Jam reached the top of the singles chart with ‘Beat Surrender’.
1994 A new Beatles album, ‘Live At The BBC’, shot to the top of the record charts in the first week of its release.

1990 The Aga Khan pulled all his horses from British Racing until the Jockey Club changes its drug testing procedures.

People & Showbiz
1791 The Observer, the UK’s oldest Sunday newspaper, was first published.
1937 The Dandy ‘ now the world’s longest-running comic was first published, introducing Desperate Dan.
1947 Tennessee Williams’ ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, starring Marlon Brando received its first performance on Broadway.
1993 Michael Jackson’s mother appealed for him to return to the US to face charges of child abuse. Jackson had not been seen in public since he revealed he was addicted to painkillers.

General Events
1799 Prime minister William Pitt introduced the first Income Tax to help fund the Napoleonic War.
1959 A monkey sent into orbit by the US rerurned safely to earth from 55 miles out in space.
1961 The birth control pill became available on the British NHS.
1990 A Japanese TV journalist became the first paying passenger into space, his employers paid $37 million for his place on the 7 day mission.
1997 Doorsteps were outlawed in the UK-all new homes were to be built with level thresholds to ensure access to people in wheelchairs.

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