22nd November

Born on this Day 22nd November
1911 Lee Patrick
1913 Lord (Benjamin) Britten
1932 Robert Vaughan
1936 John Bird
1940 Terry Gilliam
1942 Guion S. Bluford Jnr
1943 Billie Jean King
1958 Jamie Lee Curtis
1966 Mark Pritchard
1967 Boris Becker
1970 Stel Pavlou
1971 Cath Bishop
1972 Russell Hoult
1977 Michael Preston
1980 David Artell
1981 Ben Adams
1983 Peter Ramage
1985 Ava Leigh
1985 James Roby
1988 Jamie Campbell Bower
1988 Jyoti Guptara
1988 Suresh Guptara
1989 Chris Smalling

Died on this Day
1963 C.S. Lewis
1963 John F. Kennedy
1997 Michael Hutchence

1955 Elvis signed to RCA for $35000

1968 The Beatles ‘White Album’ was released

1956 The 16th Olympic Games opened in Melbourne

1986 At 20, Mike Tyson became the youngest ever World heavyweight boxing champion

People & Showbiz
1888 The first recording of a British Prime Minister was made on wax by Thomas Edison at the request of William Gladstone

1993 Teen idols Take That admitted in The Face magazine that they had taken drugs. Howard confessed to taking half a tab of acid.

General Events
1830 The world’s first container transport service was introduced in the UK by Pickfords in agreement with the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company

1869 Cutty Sark was launched at Dumbarton on the Clyde. She is now at Greenwich.

1963 46 year old President John F Kennedy was shot while driving through Dallas, Texas, in an open car on his way to a political festival and died 25 minutes later

1990 Margaret Thatcher era came to an end when she announced she would not fight for the Tory leadership

1997 John Major as appointed a special guardian to Princes William and Harry in an attempt to resolve a legal wrangle over the £21 million estate left by Diana, Princess of Wales

1997 Hundreds of British soldiers executed for desertion during the First World War were granted posthumous pardons by the government

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