20th November

Born on this Day 20th November
1889 Edwin Hubble
1892 James Bartram Collip
1925 Robert Kennedy
1920 Dulcie Gray
1947 Joe Walsh
1955 Bo Derek
1957 Jim Brown
1959 Sean Young
1965 Mike ‘D’ Diamond
1973 Neil Hodgson
1980 James Chambers
1981 Kimberley Walsh
1984 Justin Hoyte
1986 Oliver Sykes
2000 Connie Talbot

Died On This Day
1894 Anton Rubenstein
1975 General Francisco Franco

1961 Bob Dylan recorded his self-titled debut LP.

1974 David Bowie was No. 1 with “Gonna Make You A Star”.

1982 A record total of 15 footballers were shown the red card in a single day’s football.

1987 Elton sold Watford Football Club to Robert Maxwell.

1991 Gary Lineker signed to Japanese Grampus Eight.

People & Showbiz
1936 ‘Women’s Interests’ was first transmitted on BBC.

1947 The Queen married Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey. The event was recorded by the BBC, the first ever television recording.

1994 The BBC attracted nearly 22 million to its first live National Lottery draw not as many as expected.

General Events
1944 The lights of the Strand and Picadilly Circus were switched on after 5 years of wartime blackout.

1945 The Nuremberg war crimes tribunal began, with 24 Nazi leaders including Goering, Hess and Ribbentrop on trial.

1994 A new town in Fiji was named Cotswold after the people of Cirencester raised £2250 towards new homes after cyclones

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