19th November

Born on this Day 19th November
1905 Tommy Dorsey
1917 Indira Gandhi
1937 Ray Collins
1938 Hank Medress
1938 Ted Turner
1942 Calvin Klein
1949 Raymond Blanc
1961 Meg Ryan
1962 Jodie Foster
1965 Jason Pierce
1971 Justin Chancellor
1972 Sandrine Holt
1979 Leam Richardson
1980 Adele Silva
1985 Chris Eagles
1986 Sam Betty

Died On This Day
1828 Franz Schubert
1988 Christina Onassis
2002 Max Reinhardt

1970 James Brown married Deirdre Yvonne Jenkins.

1979 Chuck Berry was released from Lompoc prison aafter serving 2 months for tax evasion.

1951 The Football Association authorised the use of white footballs.

1969 Pele scored his 1000th goal in his 909th professional game.

People & Showbiz
1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson was appointed Poet Laureate.

1980 The suspense in the long running saga to discover who shot J.R. came to an end when the evening’s episode of Dallas revealed that it was Kristen.

1994 The first National Lottery draw was held.

General Events
1493 Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico.

1863 President Lincoln delivered his famous speech at Gettysburg, telling Americans they had a ….’Government of the people, by the people and for the people’.

1959 The government announced it was to reintroduce the £10 note with Queen’s Head placed on bank notes for the first time.

1990 The Cold War officially came to an end.

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