16th November

Born on this Day 16th November
42 BC Tiberius
1873 W.C. Handy
1896 Oswald Mosley
1905 Eddie Condon
1908 Burgess Meredeith
1897 Aneurin Bevan
1905 Mantovani
1925 Paul Raymond
1924 James Bond
1935 Prof. Sir Magdi Yacoub
1942 Willie Carson
1953 Griff Rhys Jones
1961 Frank Bruno
1967 Lisa Bonet
1974 Paul Scholes
1984 Gemma Atkinson
1984 Mark Bunn
1988 Siva Kaneswaran

Died On This Day
1272 King Henry III
1957 Tyrone Power
1960 Clark Gable

1956 Elvis Presley’s film ‘Love Me Tender’ had an advance UK press showing in London

1957 Jackie Wilson entered the charts with ‘Reet Petite’ peaking at no. 17 but returning to the fore in 1986 when the single reached the top of the charts

1968 Hugh Montenegro reached No. 1 with ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’

1974 David Essex topped the charts with his single ‘Gonna Make You A Star’

1985 Feargal Sharkey reached No.1 with his single ‘A Good Heart’, while entering the chart at No.60 was Whitney Houston with ‘Saving All My Love For You’, destimed for the top of the charts

1987 Police raided a hospital in Naples and arrested 39 employees who had clocked on for work but then abandoned patients to watch a football match between Italy and Sweden

1992 During practice for their European Championship match against Greece, the England football team was booed and pelted with stones by Greek youths

People & Showbiz
1665 The ‘London Gazette’ (originally the Oxford Gazette) was published for the first time

1994 Sales of National Lottery tickets had risen to £20 million in the first week

General Events
1982 The space shuttle Columbia returned from its first commercial mission, landing in California after a 5 day mission to deploy 2 commercial communications satellites

1988 A young boy from Wigston Magna, Leicestershire was given a mortgage to buy a home for his pet mice, Pinky and Perky, after writing to the Halifax Building Society. He applied for a £28 home loan because his mice were…’expecting baby mice and they need a bigger house’

1990 MPs were told that passengers in the back seat of cars will have to wear seat belts from July 1991, and that the provisions would include taxis

1993 A yard-long wasp’s nest thought to be the largest in Britain was discovered in the roof of a Gloucester shop

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