13th November

Born on this Day 13th November
1785 Lady Caroline Lamb
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson
1913 Louis Barker
1934 Garry Marshall
1944 Timmy Thomas
1949 Whoopi Goldberg
1951 Bill Gibson
1952 Art Malik
1953 Andrew Ranken
1957 Nick Baines
1957 Stephen Baxter
1959 Caroline Goodall
1959 Tracy Scoggins
1969 Gerard Butler
1976 Kelly Sotherton
1986 Kevin Bridges

Died On This Day
1687 Nell Gwyn
1868 Gioacchino Rossini
1903 Camille Pissaro

1968 The Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones bought Crotchford Farm where the Winnie The Pooh stories were written.

1969 Zager and Evans began their 3rd week at No.1 with ‘In The Year 2525’.

1971 Slade reached the No.1 with ‘Coz I Luv You’, while Benny Hill the man destined to knock them off the top spot, entered the charts at No.29 with ‘Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West’).

1950 America won the first world bridge championships, held in Bermuda.

1991 England striker Gary Lineker scored a 77th minute equaliser against Poland to ensure England a place in the finals of the European Championships in Sweden.

People & Showbiz
1940 Disney’s film ‘Fantasia’ was opened in New York.

1975 Ken Russell’s ‘Lisztomania’ premiered in the US. It was the first feature film made in Dolby Stereo.

1987 The first commercial for condoms was screened by the BBC, withoutthe company’s brand name.

1995 The first episode oft he BBC sitcom ‘The Thin Blue Line’, starring Rowan Atkinson, was broadcast. The episode was called ‘The Queen’s Birthday Present’.

General Events
1767 The first cast iron railway tracks were cast at the Coalbrookedale Ironworks, Shropshire.

1916 The Battle of the Somme, the intention of which had been to drive the Germans north towards the coast, ended with a cost of around 60,000 Allied lives on the first day.

1945 Charles de Gaulle was elected President of the French Provisional Government.

1987 Robert Melias from Avonmouth becamethefirst person to be convicted on the strength of DNA testing.

1990 In the Gulf crisis, China told President Saddam that it would not block a UN resolution authorising the use of force to liberate Kuwait.

1996 Northampton Borough Council, in an attempt not to offend other cultures, announced that Christmas Trees should be called ‘Horticultural Festive Elements’.

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