10th November

Born on this Day 10th November
1483 Martin Luther
1925 Richard Burton
1940 Screaming Lord Sutch
1923 Robert Carrier
1935 Roy Scheider
1944 Sir Tim Rice
1948 Vincent Schiavelli
1949 Donna Vargo
1960 Neil Gaiman
1960 Maeve Sherlock
1961 John Walton
1963 Hugh Bonneville
1965 Sean Hughes
1965 Eddie Irvine
1966 Vanessa Angel
1968 Steve Brookstein
1982 Clayton Fortune
1986 Will Hendry
1987 Sam Malsom
1989 Luke Daley
1989 Taron Egerton
1990 Andre Blackman
1992 Wilfried Zaha
1994 Claudio Dias

Died On This Day
1796 Catherine the Great
2001 Ken Kesey
2002 Eddie Worth

1969 Gene Autry’s ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ went gold.

1984 Chaka Khan reached the top of the charts with ‘I Feel For You’.

1990 Tower Records in LA announced they would no longer sell vinyl albums.

1985 22 year old Gary Kasparov became world chess champion after beating Anatoly Karpov in Moscow.

1993 World heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis was named as Britain’s top earning sportsman with a personal fortune of £10.5 million. Nigel Mansell came second with £5 million and Nick Faldo £3.5 million.

People & Showbiz
1871 Henry Morton Stanley, sent out to Africa by his newspaper to find Scottish missionary David Livingstone, finally made contact with him at Ujiji, with the now immortal words, ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume’.

1969 National Educational Television in the US debuts the children’s program Sesame Street.

1989 Former athlete Sebastian Coe was named as the prospective Conservative candidate for the seat of Falmouth and Cambourne in Cornwall.

General Events
1849 The first accident insurance policy claimant was Mr. William Good from Dunstable who claimed £7 6s. from the Railway Passengers Assurance Company of Great Britain.

1913 London born Jamaican John Archer became Britain’s first black mayor with his appointment as Mayor of Battersea.

1928 At the age of 27, Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan, having been regent for 7 years before taking over from his sick father.

1970 The Great Wall of China was opened to tourists for the first time.

1989 East German border guards began to dismantle sections of the Berlin Wall, as hundreds of thousands were allowed to the West for the first time.

1997 British aupair Louise Woodward was reunited with her parents after being freed by a judge who said he was morally certain that her conviction for murdering 8 month old Matthew Eapen was a miscarriage of justice.

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