6th November

Born on this Day 6th November
1814 Adolphe Sax
1926 Frank Carson
1937 Eugene Pitt
1938 Jim Pike
1946 Sally Field
1947 Jim Rosenthal
1948 Glen Frey
1951 Nigel Havers
1964 Arkie Whiteley
1971 Ethan Hawke
1972 Garry Flitcroft
1972 Thandie Newton
1973 Nell McAndrew
1993 Josh Wakefield
1997 Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

Died On This Day
2000 Jimmie Davis
2001 Anthony Shaffer
2002 Jonathan Harris

1961 Cliff Richard had his first No.1 album with ’21 Today’.

1979 The Beat released their debut single, a cover version of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ ‘Tears Of A Clown’.

1996 The first chance to hear the Dunblane charity record ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ was on a special Sun newspaper phone-line today, which was called by over 13,000 readers on the first day.

1982 At 100 post offices throughout the UK, selection took place ofthe 16,000 runners for the 1983 London Marathon.

1992 Birmingham City Football Club went on sale after the Kumar brother’s business empire went into receivershipowing £6m to the creditors of the collapsed international bank, BCCI.

People & Showbiz
1996 Ten 999 workers were required to detach Gary Foxley from a MacDonald’s seat in Knightsbridge after a prankster had covered it in superglue.

General Events
1869 Blackfriars Bridge was opened.

1924 Conservative Party leader Stanley Baldwin was elected Prime Minister, in turn appointing Winston Churchill as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1988 A computer virus crippled 6,000 US Defence Department computers. The culprit was later discovered to be a 23 year old graduate whose father headed America’s Computer Security Agency.

1991 Initial post mortem results from Spanish doctors claimed that Robert Maxwell had most likely died from a heart attack.

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