5th November

Born on this Day 5th November
1911 Roy Rogers
1913 Vivienne Leigh
1913 John McGiver
1931 Ike Turner
1935 Lester Piggott
1941 Art Garfunkel
1959 Bryan Adams
1963 Tatum O’Neal
1970 Daniella Westbrook
1977 Richard Wright
1983 Alexa Chung
1983 Andrew Hayden-Smith
1984 Nick Tandy
1989 Andrew Boyce

Died On This Day
1990 David Sterling
1991 Robert Maxwell
2001 Roy Boulting

1956 Tommy Steele made his bill-topping stage debut at the Empire Theatre in Sunderland.

1965 The Who anthem ‘My Generation’ was released in the UK, evetually reaching No.2, their highest position in the charts.

1982 ‘The Tube’ was shown on television for the first time, headlined by ‘The Jam’.

1988 The Beach Boys returned to the top of the US chart for the first time in 22 years with ‘Kokomo’.

1799 The world’s first purpose-built gymnasium was opened by Franz Nachtegall in Copenhagen.

1971 Princess Anne was voted British Sportswoman of the Year by the British Sportswriters Association.

1987 England beat India by 35 runs to go into the final of the cricket World Cup in Calcutta to meet Australia.

People & Showbiz
1912 The first British Board of Film Censors was appointed, deciding on the creation of just 2 classifications: Universal and Not Suitable for Children.

1956 ‘What The Papers Say’ was transmitted for the first time.

General Events
1605 The anniversary of the Gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes and his cronies.

1909 Britain’s first Woolworth’s store was opened in Liverpool’s Lord Street. It was closed in 1983.

1914 The Mediterranean island of Cyprus was annexed to Britain.

1927 Britain’s first automatic traffic lights began functioning at Prince Square crossroads in Wolverhampton.

1940 F D Roosevelt won a record third term as US President.

1953 It was announced that all rationing in Britain was to end in the New Year.

1979 The trial began in Dublin of the 2 men accused of killing Lord Mountbatten.

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