3rd November

Born on this Day 3rd November
1921 Charles Bronson
1935 Jeremy Brett
1919 Sir Ludovic Kennedy
1933 John Barry
1948 Lulu
1953 Roseanne
1954 Adam Ant
1955 Anne Milton
1957 Gary Olsen
1958 Dolph Lundgren
1962 Jacqui Smith
1963 Ian Wright
1965 Ann Scott
1967 Steven Wilson
1971 Alison Williamson
1971 Dwight Yorke
1972 Ugo Ehiogu
1973 Nemone
1973 Ben Fogle
1986 Beth Kingston

Died On This Day
1991 Mort Schuman
1999 Ian Bannen
2002 Lonnie Donegan

1984 Jim Diamond entered the UK charts with ‘I Should Have Known Better’- a future No.1

1990 A record 7 out of the US Top 10 dance records were by British artists

1990 Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice became the first rap record to top the US singles charts

1991 British runner Liz McColgan won the New York marathon, her first in a record time

1991 In the Australian Grand Prix, the last of the season, world champion Ayrton Senna came in first, ahead of Nigel Mansell and 3rd placed Gerhard Bergar

People & Showbiz
1970 David Frost received his OBE from the Queen

1988 Actress Koo Stark received £300,000 libel damages from the Sunday People over allegations suggesting she had an adulterous affair with Prince Andrew

1991 Coronation Street star Bill Roache was awarded £50,000 against the Sun Newspaper after they branded him ‘boring’

General Events
1843 The statue of Lord Admiral Nelson standing at 17 feet and weighing 16 tons, was hauled up to the top of its column in Trafalgar Square

1903 Willem Einthoven unveiled the Electro-Cardiograph in Holland, his new invention for monitoring the heart

1945 The Government announced that all civil aviation will be state-owned and controlled

1948 The State of Kansas abolished Prohibition after 68 years

1957 Russia launched Laika the dog, the first living creature to be sent into space

1992 Democrat Bill Clinton won a landslide victory over President George Bush in the American elections, putting an end to 12 years of Republican rule

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