1st November

Born on this Day 1st November
1762 Spencer Percival
1887 L.S Lowry
1935 Gary Player
1941 Nigel Dempster
1947 Nick Owen
1959 Eddie MacDonald
1962 Sharron Davies
1963 Mark Hughes
1966 Jeremy Hunt
1972 Jenny McCarthy
1973 Geoff Horsfield
1982 Bradley Orr
1982 Warren Spragg
1983 Jon Wilkin
1984 Natalia Tena
1991 Reece Brown

Died On This Day
1982 King Vidor
1985 Phil Silvers
2004 Ezra Pound

1980 Graham Bonnet left Rainbow to be replaced by Joe Lynn Turner

1985 A survey showed cassettes were outselling vinyl albums for the first time

1988 Top Of The Pops’ banned any records mentioning Acid, while Mecca ban Acid House parties and smiley t-shirts were banned in many shops

1947 Sports Report’, BBC radio’s Saturday afternoon programme, went on air for the first time .

1987 Australia beat Ireland 42-17, the highest any visiting team had scored at Lansdowne Road

People & Showbiz
1922 Radio licences were introduced in Britain at 10 shillings (50p) per annum

1969 Thousands upon thousands of visitors arrived in Copenhagen for the opening of a 6 day long ‘sex fair’ which promised free love, live sex shows and hours of pornographic movies

General Events
1848 WH Smiths first railway bookstall opened at London’s Euston Station

1956 Premium Bonds went on sale in Britain for the first time

1959 Britain’s first stretch of motorway, the M1 was opened

1959 BOAC launched the first jet airliner service from the UK to Australia .

1984 Rajiv Ghandi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India following the assassination of his mother

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