20th October

Born on this Day 20th October
1632 Sir Christopher Wren
1822 Thomas Hughes
1884 Bela Lugosi
1889 Margaret Dumont
1925 Robert Kennedy
1925 Art Buchwald
1926 Lord Montague of Beaulieu
1934 Timothy West
1963 Anatoliy Khrapatiy
1967 Elizabeth Carling
1968 Susan Tully
1972 Will Greenwood
1977 Matt Jansen
1979 Paul Ifill
1980 Gary Jarman
1985 James Sutton
1989 Jess Glynne

Died On This Day
1982 Peter Dudley
1988 Sheila Scott
2003 Peter Morgan

1956 Frankie Laine reached the No.1 in the UK charts with ‘Woman In Love’, while the Four Tops entered the charts at No.20 with another version of the same track.

1960 ‘GI Blues’, Elvis Presley’s first film since coming out of the army, was released in the US.

1967 Standing at No.1 on the UK charts were the Bee Gee with ‘Massachussetts’.

1984 Wham! reached no. 1 with ‘Freedom’.

1965 Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, at age 45, notched his 174th and final victory, a 3rd round knockout of Rudolph Bent.

1991 Nigel Mansell’s brakes failed on the 10th lap of the Japanese Grand Prix, sending him off the track to end his hopes of winning the World Motor Racing Championship.

People & Showbiz
1855 Britain’s first symphony orchestra, The Crystal Palace Orchestra, played their first concert.

1946 The first episode of ‘Muffin the Mule’ was broadcast.

1957 Children’s favourites ‘Pinky and Perky’ were televised for the first time.

General Events
1818 The boundary between Canada and the United States was established as the 49th parallel.

1822 The Sunday Times began publication.

1879 The Reading Room of the British Museum became the world’s first library to be lit with electricity.

1988 The Equal Opportunities Commission found 6 schools guilty of sex discrimination where girls were discouraged from taking subjects such as woodwork and metalwork and boys were not allowed to take cookery or needlework.

1993 9000 year old chewing gum was discovered by archaeologists digging at a Stone Age village in Sweden.

2000 Human rights activist James Mawdsley was released from prison in Burma where he had been held since 1999

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