12th October

Born on this Day 12th October
1537 King Edward VI of England
1576 Thomas Dudley
1860 Elmer Sperry
1865 Arthur Harden
1866 Ramsay MacDonald
1872 Ralph Vaughan Williams
1929 Magnus Magnusson
1935 Luciano Pavarotti
1935 Don Howe
1942 Melvin Franklin
1944 Angela Rippon
1948 Richard Parfitt
1954 Les Dennis
1956 David Vanian
1958 Bryn Merrick
1967 Susan Tully
1973 Martin Corry
1980 Ledley King
1981 Shola Ameobi
1983 Carlton Cole
1983 Katie Piper
1990 Henri Lansbury

Died On This Day
1915 Nurse Edith Cavell
1971 Gene Vincent
1997 John Denver


1966 The Jimmy Hendrix Experience was formed.

1978 Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon.

1983 The 3 surviving members of the Beatles were invited to Liverpool to accept the freedom of the city.

1985 While Jennifer Rush reached No. 1 in the UK for the first time with ‘The Power of Love’, A-Ha entered the Top 20 at No. 14 with their first UK hit ‘Take On Me’.


1955 Florence Chadwick of the US broke the English Channel swimming record, taking just 13 hours and 33 minutes.

1990 During a High Court attempt to stop the publication of an unauthorised biography of Paul Gascoigne, the judge hearing the case, Mr Justice Harman asked “Who is Gazza”.

1993 Britain’s Nigel Short scored his first victory over Russia’s Garry Kasparov in the World Chess Championship.

People & Showbiz

1492 Christopher Columbus sighted his first land in discovering the New World, later calling it San Salvador.

1986 The Queen arrived in China, becoming the first British monarch to visit the country.

General Events

1216 King John of England loses his crown jewels in The Wash, probably near Fosdyke, perhaps near Sutton Bridge.

1492 Christopher Columbus’s expedition makes landfall in the Caribbean, specifically in The Bahamas. The explorer believes he has reached South Asia.

1792 First celebration of Columbus Day in the USA held in New York.

1823 Charles Macintosh, of Scotland, sells the first raincoat.

1846 Charles Rowley registered the first British patent for the Safety Pin. It was first patented by American Walter Hunt on 10 April of the same year.

1899 The Boer War began.

1928 An ‘iron lung’ was used for the first time at the Boston Children’s hospital Massachusetts USA .

1948 The first Morris Minor came off the production line at Cowley in Oxfordshire.

1984 Brighton hotel bombing: The Provisional Irish Republican Army attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet. Thatcher escapes but the bomb kills five people and wounds 31.

1988 The Bank of England announced that the new £5 would be an inch smaller than the old £5- believing it would be more convenient.

2001 A car bomb exploded in Madrid, Spain, that injured 17 people. Basque separatists claimed responsibility.

2002 In Bali, Indonesia, over 180 people were killed and over 300 were injured when a bomb was detonated in a nightclub district.

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