4th October

Born on this Day 4th October
1895 Buster Keaton
1924 Charlton Heston
1931 Sir Terence Conran
1937 Jackie Collins
1944 Patti LaBelle
1946 Susan Sarandon
1958 Anneka Rice
1959 Chris Lowe
1964 Sarah Lancashire
1967 Marcus Bentley
1976 Craig Robert Young
1979 Stefan Booth
1987 Will Puddy
1989 Stacey Solomon

Died On This Day
1699 Rembrandt
1970 Janis Joplin
1989 Graham Chapman

1975 David Bowie entered the charts with his future No. 1 ‘Space Oddity’.

1986 Madonna entered the UK charts at No.3 with ‘True Blue’ on her way to the No. 1 position.

1895 The first US Open Golf tournament was won by American golfer Horace Rawlins, at Newport, Rhode Island. .

1982 British sprinter Alan Wells won the final of the men’s 100 metres in the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. .

1983 Richard Noble reached a record land speed of 633mph in his jet-powered Thrust II at Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

1997 British boxer Lennox Lewis successfully defended his WBC against Andrew Golota in Atlantic City in just 95 seconds

People & Showbiz
1983 The Boy’s Brigade was founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in Glasgow.

1905 Orville Wright became the first person to fly an aircraft for more than 33 minutes.

General Events
1853 The Crimean War began when Turkey declared war on Russia.

1883 The Orient Express was inaugurated by Belgian Georges Nagelmackers. .

1911 Britain’s first escalator went into use at Earl’s Court Underground station.

1957 The USSR launched the first orbiting satellite Sputnik I, beating the US into space.

1958 The world’s first jet airline service, operated by BOAC- later British Airways-from London and New York.

1976 British Rail’s ‘125’ high speed train went into service between London and South Wales, te world’s fastest diesel train service.

1996 Following a series of best-selling memoir books regarding events in the Gulf War, members of the SAS and other British forces were to sign a ‘contract of silence’ or face dismissal.

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