3rd October

Born on this Day 3rd October
1911 Sir Michael Hordern
1916 James Herriot
1938 Eddie Cochran
1921 Ray Lindwall
1925 Gore Vidal
1941 Chubby Checker
1947 Lindsey Buckingham
1962 Tommy Lee
1969 Gwen Stefani
1980 Lindsey Kelk
1981 Danny Coid
1981 Matt Sparrow
1987 Robert Grabarz
1991 Jenny McLoughlin
1994 Charlie Wernham

Died On This Day
1226 St. Francis of Assisi
1967 Woodie Guthrie
2004 Janet Leigh

1971 Rod Stewart’s album ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ moves to the top of the UK and US charts, staying on both for 4 weeks.

1983 Take That featuring Lulu, topped the UK charts with ‘Relight My Fire’

1926 Violet Percy became the first British woman to officially complete a marathon.

1992 19 year old Cassandra Jackman from Norfolk was named Britain’s No.1 female squash player after becoming world junior champion earlier in the year.

People & Showbiz
1971 The BBC complaints commission was established.

1991 Sir Allan Green, Director of Public Prosecutions, resigned after being reported by police for kerb-crawling.

1992 The Maxwell Pensioners’s Trust handed out the first payments to Maxwell pension fraud victims.

General Events
1899 The motor-driven vacuum cleaner was patented in the US by J S Thurman.

1906 ‘SOS’ was inaugurated as the international distress signal.

1932 ‘Times Roman’, the most universally used type for books andnewespapers was introduced by the Times.

1952 Britain’s first atomic device was detonated off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

1952 Tea rationing ended in Britain.

1959 Britain’s first postcodes were introduced in Norwich.

1990 East and West Germany officially reunified to become Germany, with Berlin as the capital, after 45 years of being split into 2 countries at the end of WWII

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