2nd October

Born on this Day 2nd October
1452 King Richard III
1869 Mahatma Ghandi
1890 Grouch Marx
1943 Anna Ford
1945 Don McLean
1948 Trevor Brooking
1948 Donna Karan
1950 Charlie Brown
1951 Sting
1955 Phil Oakey
1968 Jana Novotna
1968 Victoria Derbyshire
1969 Badly Drawn Boy
1974 Simon Gregson
1978 Matthew Hancock
1989 George Christopher Nash
1990 Samantha Barks

Died On This Day
322BC Aristotle
1998 Gene Autry

1959 Bobby Daran entered the UK top 20 with ‘Mack the Knife’, on his way to No.1 position.

1965 Ken Dodd reached No.1 with ‘Tears’.

1971 The Who began their British tour at Reading University.

1983 30,000 soccer fans at Whitehart Lane watched Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest in the first televised league match on a Sunday.

1988 The 24th Olympiad came to an end in Seoul, South Korea.

People & Showbiz
1946 The first episode of ‘Faraway Hill’, the first ever soap, was screened in the US.

1961 The first edition of ‘Points of View’ was broadcast by the BBC.

1971 The first edition of Bruce Forsyth’s ‘The Generation Game’ was televised.

General Events
1925 London’s first red double-decker buses went into service.

1942 The British cruiser Curacao sank after colliding with the Cunard liner Queen Mary, resulting in the loss of 338 lives.

1950 Legal aid came into force in Britain.

1979 Yorkshire police launched a £1m publicity campaign in an attempt to find the Yorkshire Ripper.

1988 British Airways banned all smoking on short domestic flights.

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