17th September

Born on this Day 17th September
1901 Sir Francis Chichester
1923 Hank Williams
1928 Roddy McDowell
1934 Maureen Connoly
1929 Sir Stirling Moss
1931 Ann Bancroft
1942 Des Lynham
1944 Reinhold Messner
1947 Lol Creme
1960 Damon Hill
1969 Ken Doherty
1973 Anastacia
1980 Shabana Mahmood
1987 Paul Huntington
1990 Sean Scannell
1996 Ella Purnell
1999 Daniel Huttlestone

Died On This Day
199Frankie Vaughan
2000 Paula Yates
2000 Joseph H. Lewis

1931 The first demonstration of a long-playing record.

1983 ‘Karma Chameleon’ by Culture Club entered the UK charts at No.3.

1987 Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad Album’ was spending its first week at the top of the UK charts.

1987 Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ won 10 of the 20 MTV video awards, including best video, best concept, best special effects and best director.

1954 World heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano secured his 47th consecutive victory with a win over Ezzard Charles.

1978 Muhammed Ali beat Leon Spinks in New Orleans to win the heavyweight title for a record 3rd time.

1988 The 24th Olympic Games opened in Seoul, South Korea.

People & Showbiz
1957 Hollywood actress Sophia Loren married film producer Carlo Ponti in Mexico.

1962 Neil Armstrong became an astronaut.

1978 The pilot episode of the sci-fi ‘Battlestar Galactica’ was screened in the US.

1991 The first episode of popular sitcom ‘Home Improvement’ was screened in the US.

General Events
1787 The constitution of the United States of America was signed by 39 representatives from 12 states at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

1900 Australia was declared a Commonwealth of the British Empire.

1908 Lt Selfridge became the first passenger to die in an air crash, during a test flight with Orville Wright.

1939 Soviet troops invaded Poland, 16 days after Nazi Germany moved in.

1997 Washington refused to sign the international treaty to ban the use of landmines, hours after the draft version was approved in Oslo.

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