15th September

Born on this Day 15th September
1789 James Fenimore Cooper
1890 Agatha Christie
1907 Fay Wray
1920 Mario Puzo
1946 Oliver Stone
1946 Tommy Lee Jones
1956 Jaki Graham
1959 Sarah Ferguson
1962 Amanda Wakeley
1968 Vicky Entwistle
1972 Jimmy Carr
1977 Sophie Dahl
1977 Tom Hardy
1984 HRH Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales
1986 Peter Wilson
1987 Clare Maguire

Died On This Day
1859 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
2001 Jaroslav Drobney
2002 Alfred Black

1974 Carl Douglas had the no.1 single in the UK with ‘Kung Fu Fighting’.

1980 ‘The Elephant Man’ starring David Bowie opened on Broadway.

1984 Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ became the longest running chart hit since Englebert Humperdinck’s ‘Release Me’ after spending 43 weeks on the UK singles chart.

1984 U2’s ‘Pride (In the Name of Love)’ stormed into the UK singles chart at No.8.

1997 Elton John’s ‘Candle In The Wind 1997’, tribute to Princess Diana, sold more than 600,000 copies in its first day in British stores.

1982 No paying spectators were permitted for the match between Aston Villa and Besktas of Turkey in the European Cup, owing to disciplinary action by UEFA against Villa fans.

1978 Muhammed Ali defeated Leon Spinks to win his 3rd World Heavyweight Boxing title.

People & Showbiz
1964 British daily newspaper the Daily Herald ceased publication and was replaced by the Sun.

1978 ‘The New Avengers’, starring Patrick McNee, Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt, premiered on ITV, 6 years after the demise of the original.

2003 Madonna’s children’s book ‘The English Roses’ went on sale.

General Events
1656 England and France sign peace treaty.

1928 Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin in the mould Penicillin notatum.

1935 Adolf Hitler introduced new legislation stripping all German Jews of citizenship and political rights and officially adopted the swastika as the new national symbol.

1966 12 members of the ‘Don’t Make a Wave Commitee’ founded Greenpeace.

1982 Major General Jeremy Moore accepted the surrender of all Argentine forces on East and West Falklands.

2000 The fuel protests which paralysed Britain for 7 days came to an end.

2008 Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.

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