14th September

Amy Winehouse Foundation

This September, Amy Winehouse Foundation will be marking Amy’s 30th birthday – and they want you to join them! Not only will they be holding the best party ever for Amy, they’ll also be celebrating the great work being done in her name by the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Born on this Day 14th September
1804 John Gould
1864 Robert Cecil
1909 Sir Peter Scott
1910 Jack Hawkins
1914 Clayton Moore
1935 Amanda Barrie
1936 Walter Koenig
1938 Nicol Williamson
1945 Martin Tyler
1947 Sam Neill
1950 Paul Kossoff
1956 Ray Wilkins
1959 Morten Harket
1959 Mary Crosby
1973 Andrew Lincoln
1973 Linvoy Primus
1978 Ben Cohen
1982 Lethal Bizzle
1983 Amy Winehouse
1986 Tinchy Stryder

Died On This Day
1852 Duke of Wellington
1982 Princess Grace of Monaco
1999 Charles Crichton
2009 Keith Floyd


1814 The poem Defence of Fort McHenry is written by Francis Scott Key. The poem is later used as the lyrics of The Star-Spangled Banner.

1974 Olivia Newton-John won the No.1 female country artist Billboard award

1996 After a recent walkout by Oasis star Noel Gallagher, the bands fans were relieved to hear they were not splitting up. However the rest of the tour dates were cancelled, costing the band an estimated £10 million in lost earnings


1891 The first penalty kick to be awarded in an English League match was taken by Heath of Wolves, against Accrington

1992 It was announced that logos of firms who sponsored Premier League football clubs were to appear on the shirts of Subbuteo table soccer players

People & Showbiz

1974 2 pandas, Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching arrived at London zoo from China

1985 The first episode of US sitcom ‘The Golden Girls’ was broadcast

1987 The world’s largest newspaper, today’s edition of the New York Sunday Time, consisted of 1612 pages and weighed 12lb

General Events

1682 Bishop Gore School, one of the oldest schools in Wales, is founded.

1752 The Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar

1959 The Soviet unmanned Lunik 2 probe became the first manmade object to land on the moon’s surface

1961 The first Mothercare opened in Kingston, Surrey

1996 Bosnians went to the polls in their first national elections since the 3 and half year civil war that ravaged the Balkan republic

1998 Telecommunications companies MCI Communications and WorldCom complete their $37 billion merger to form MCI WorldCom.

1999 Disney World closed down for the first time in its 28 year history, following the sorms of Hurricane Floyd heading for Florida.

2003 In a referendum, Estonia approves joining the European Union.

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