12th September

Born on this Day 12th September
1888 Maurice Chevalier
1912 Chuck Jones
1913 Jesse Owens
1931 Sir Ian Holm
1937 Wesley Hall
1941 Linda Gray
1944 Barry White
1957 Donny Osmond
1957 Rachel Ward
1967 Jason Statham
1972 Gideon Emery
1973 Darren Campbell
1977 James McCartney
1977 David Thompson
1980 Kevin Sinfield
1986 Joanne Jackson
1991 Scott Wootton

Died On This Day
1977 Steve Biko
1986 Raymond Burr
2012 Derek Jameson

1965 ‘Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones stood at No.1 on the British charts.

1981 ‘The Birdie Song’ by the Tweets entered the UK singles chart.

1998 All Saints scored their 3rd UK No.1 single with ‘Boote Call’.

1999 The Vengaboys went to No.1 in the UK chart with ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’.

1936 Fred Perry beat Donald Budge to become the first non-American to win the US tennis championship with a whitewash.

People & Showbiz
1908 Winston Churchill married Clementine Hozier in London.

1966 The first episode of ‘The Monkees’, starring the American pop group was broadcast on US TV.

1978 The first episode of the US sitcom ‘Taxi’ was broadcast on US TV.

General Events
1624 The world’s first submarine, designed by Cornelius Drebbel, was successfully tested in the Thames.

1919 Adolf Hitler made his first address as the new leader of the German Worker’s Party, later known as the Nazi Party.

1941 The Battle of Leningrad began .

1971 Thieves tunnelled into the vaults of a London branch of Lloyd’s bank and stole £500,000.

1994 American pilot Frank Corder died as he crashed his stolen single-engine Cessna aircraft into the South Lawn of the White House. The wreckage came to rest against the executive mansion.

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