11th September

Born on this Day 11th September
1700 James Thomson
1885 D.H Lawrence
1917 Herbert Lom
1940 Bernie Dwyer
1945 Franz Beckenbauer
1949 Roger Uttley
1947 Julie Covington
1950 Barry Sheene
1965 David Roe
1967 Harry Connick Jnr
1967 Charles Walker
1971 Richard Ashcroft
1977 Jonny Buckland
1979 Leon Cort
1986 Rhian Sugden
1992 Jonathan Adams

Died On This Day
1950 Jan Christian Smuts
1971 Nikita Kruschev
1994 Jessica Tandy

1962 The Beatles returned to Abbey Road for their 3rd attempt at recording their first single.

1976 ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA reached the No.1 spot in the UK charts.

1977 David Bowie recorded a guest appearance on ‘Bing Crosby’s ‘Merrie Olde Christmas’, TV show, duetting with Crosby on ‘The Llittle Drummer Boy’ which became a hit 5 years later.

1988 In Liverpool 40 people were taken to hospital after being crushed during the final concert of Michael Jackson’s British tour.

1996 Noel Gallagher walked out on the rest of Oasis half way through an American tour after a fight with his brother Liam.

1895 The original FA Cup was stolen from William Shillcock, a football fitters in Birmingham.

1983 Jimmy Connors won the US tennis championship for the 5th time by beating Ivan Lendl.

1988 An estimated 50 million people in 128 countries took part in the Race Against Time, the world’s biggest sporting event to raise money to combat diseases which kill 15 million children each year.

People & Showbiz
1959 The final episode of ‘The Phil Silvers Show’ was broadcast on US TV.

1967 Frank Sinatra was denied gambling credit at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and had 2 of his teeth broken in the resulting fight with hotel staff.

1970 Hollywood actress Mia Farrow married classical composer Andre Previn.

General Events
1915 The British Women’s Institute is founded in Wales in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrbwllandysiliogogogoch.

1975 The last British-made Wolseley car left the production line.

1997 The Scottish people voted overwhelmingly to restore their parliament after a wait of almost 300 years.

1997 ‘Opal fruits’ were renamed ‘Starburst’ to bring the product in line with American branding.

2001 Two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Thousands of people were killed by the impact, and by the dramatic, and tragic collapse of the buildings. Many more are injured in an almost simultaneous attack on the Pentagon in Washington DC. It is the single largest terrorist attack that the world has ever known, and sends shock waves across the world.

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