30th August

Born on this day 30th August
1797 Mary Shelley
1889 Eduardo Ciannelli
1907 Shirley Booth
1908 Fred McMurray
1909 Joan Blundell
1935 Joan Phillips
1918 Kitty Wells
1939 John Peel
1941 Sue MacGregor
1943 Jean-Claude Killy
1952 Dana
1972 Cameron Diaz
1986 Theo Hutchcraft
1985 Holly Weston
1987 Tania Foster
1992 Jessica Henwick

1963 The Rolling Stones played at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton.

1964 The Rolling Stones appeared at the Gaumont in Bournemouth.

1985 Kate Bush appeared at the Berlin Music festival, performing ‘Running Up That Hill’ and ‘Cloudbusting’ on the West Berlin 8 o’clock show.

1984 Just hours after being injured in a practice jump, 23 year old stunt rider Eddie Kidd completed a successful no-hands jump over 9 coaches in Haringay, North London.

1992 Joe Miles from Oxford had completed a 3,500 mile charity cycle ride across the US. The airline he travelled home on lost his bike.

1989 Ronnie Kray announced his intemtions to marry Kate Howard in Broadmoor hospital just 2 months after his divorce from his first wife Elaine

1992 Paul and Linda McCartney announced they were having a windmill restored at their mansion so they could use their wheat to make bread.

1146 A conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow, believing that by banning the effective weapon, wars would be ended for all time.

1860 Britain’s first trams began running, operated by the Birkenhead Street Railway

1901 The vacuum cleaner was patented

1992 In the north-east Derbyshire cab drivers were selling condoms in a 1 year trial.

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