29th August

Born on this day 29th August
1899 George McCready
1914 Ingrid Bergman
1947 James Hunt
1923 Lord (Richard) Attenborough
1939 William Friedkin
1959 Lenny Henry
1959 Michael Jackson
1962 Rebecca De Morney
1971 Alex Griffin
1976 Phil Harvey
1987 Elliot Benyon

Died on this Day
2015 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

1958 The Quarrymen, soon to be called the Beatles, played their first live show with 15 year old guitarist George Harrison joining John Lennon, Paul McCartney and drummer Ken Brown at the Casbah Coffee Club

1966 The Beatles played their last US tour in San Francisco.

1970 The Rolling Stones began a 6 week European tour.

1976 The Clash had their first public gig

1885 The first motorcycle was patented by Gottllieb Daimler.

1895 The Rugby League was formed

1991 Sheffield United captain Vinny Jones joined Chelsea for £575,000.

1835 600,000 acres of land along the northern shores of Port Philip Bay were bought from the Aborigines by John Batman and his associate who officially established Melbourne, named after British Prime Minister Lord Melbourne.

1977 3 people were arrested by police in Memphis, Tennesee charged with attempting to steal the body of Elvis Presley from the Forest Hill cemetry where it was laid to rest 10 days previous. As a result Elvis’ dad arranged to have the bodies of his wife and Elvis moved and re-buried side-by-side at Graceland mansions.

1897 Chop suey was invented in New York City by the chef visiting the Chinese Ambassador Li Hung-Chang.

1990 Big Ben was ringing on the hour again after being fitted with a new 4cwt hammer.

1992 In England and Wales, legal reform took place which allowed lawyers to take a fee only if they won the case.

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