25th August

Born on this day 25th August
1530 Ivan The Terrible
1918 Leonard Bernstein
1917 Mel Ferrer
1930 Sir Sean Connery
1938 Frederick Forsyth
1942 Howard Jacobson
1947 Ann Archer
1949 Martin Amis
1954 Elvis Costello
1956 Matt Aitken
1961 Billy Ray Cyrus
1970 Claudia Schiffer
1987 Amy Macdonald
1988 Alexandra Burke
1988 Ray Quinn
1989 Amber Le Bon
1992 Alex Roots

1964 The Rollling Stones appeared at the Odeon in Weston-Super-Mare.

1970 Elton John made his US debut at the Troubadour Club in LA.

1972 Slade played the first of four days at the Great Western Festival.

1984 Captain Sensible announced that he is leaving The Damned.

1875 Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim the English Channel in a time of 22 hours

1928 Liverpool FC opened their famous Kop terracing, named after Spion Kop, the site of a battle in the Boer War.

1991 Carl Lewis set a new world record in the 100 metres to become the fastest human being in history. 5 other athletes, including Linford Christie also ran under the ‘magic’ 10 second mark in a race described as the ‘most spectacular in history’.

1993 Ian Botham announced that he was to take part in the British Shark Angling Festival in Looe, Cornwall, in a charity attempt to catch the largest shark.

2015 Greg Rutherford wins World Championships long jump gold

1978 The Shroud of Turin, then believed to be the shroud of Christ, went on show for the first time on the high altar at St. John’s Cathedral in Turin.

1992 It was reported that more than 40,000 people telephoned the Sun newspaper to listen to a taped conversation between Princess Diana and a man called James.

1997 The 1998 Notting Hill carnival was in full swing with police reporting the lowest recorded crime at the event.

1940 The first parachute wedding took place between Arno Rudolphi and Ann Hayward over the World’s Fair amusement area, New York City.

1958 Midland Bank announced it would be offering personal loans from next month- the first bank to offer such a facility.

1983 The Milk Marketing Board launched a new soft butter which could be spread straight from the fridge.

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