24th August

Born on this day 24th August
1198 King Alexander II of Scotland
1580 John Taylor
1591 Robert Herrick
1724 George Stubbs
1759 William Wilberforce
1787 James Weddell
1872 Max Beerbohm
1890 Jean Rhys
1903 Graham Sutherland
1924 Alyn Ainsworth
1924 Jimmy Gardner
1932 Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor
1934 Kenny Baker
1936 A. S. Byatt
1942 Howard Jacobson
1944 Jim Brady
1945 Ken Hensley
1948 Jean Michel-Jarre
1953 Sam Torrance
1957 Stephen Fry
1958 Steve Guttenburg
1961 Mark ‘Bedders’ Bedford
1967 Michael Thomas
1983 Christopher Parker
1988 Rupert Grint
1994 King Krule


1958 Buddy Holly married Elena Santiago.

1963 Stevie Wonder topped the US album chart with ‘Twelve Year Old Genius’.

1997 Oasis’s long awaited album ‘Be Here Now’ was set to become the fastest selling album in history after it sold over 300,000 copies in its first day of release.


1892 Everton Football Club’s Goodison Park opened in Liverpool.

1988 It was announced that jockey Lester Piggott was taken from prison to visit his seriously ill wife at a Cambridge hospital.


1975 At Glyndebourne, Annabel Hunt sand the opening aria of Ulysses in the nude for a televised performance, the first nude in a British opera production.

1981 Mark David Chapman was sentenced in New York to life, or at least 20 years in prison for shooting John Lennon.

1993 The father of Jordi Chandler appeared in court to stop him seeing pop star Michael Jackson after allegations of child abuse.


1200 King John of England, signee of the first Magna Carta, married Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral.

1561 Willem of Orange marries duchess Anna of Saxony.

1572 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre: On the orders of king Charles IX of France, a massacre of Huguenots (French Protestants) begins.

1662 Act of Uniformity requires England to accept the Book of Common Prayer.

1875 Captain Matthew Webb became first person to swim English Channel

1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly non-stop across the US.

1949 The treaty creating NATO goes into effect.

1988 A self-employed man from North London was convicted of organising an illegal 117-mile race for high performance cars around the M25.

1989 Myrddin Thmas from Pantside, Gwent was fined £50 for driving too slowly on the A473 near Pontypridd, causing a 2-mile tailback.

1995 Computer software developer Microsoft releases their Windows 95 operating system.

1998 First radio-frequency identification (RFID) human implantation tested in the United Kingdom.

2000 Experts were studying black box crash data to discover why a passenger jet crashed into the sea in Bahrain killing all 143 people on board including Britons.

2006 The International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines the term “planet” such that Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet.

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