21st August

Born on this day 21st August
1925 Jack Weston
1927 Barry Foster
1930 HRH Princess Margaret
1928 Chris Brasher
1933 Dame Janet Baker
1933 Barry Norman
1938 Kenny Rogers
1952 Joe Strummer
1968 Dina Carroll


1958 The first Italian to top the American charts was Domenico Modugno with his own composition ‘Volare’.

1964 The Rolling Stones appeared at Springfield Hall in St. Helier, Jersey.

1965 The Rolling Stones’ ‘Out Of Our Heads’ became their first American chart topping album.


1988 Sebastian Coe was invited to run in the Seoul Olympics by the International Olypmic Committee even though he wasn’t picked by British selectors.

1992 Former tennis star Bjorn Borg was sued by 11 Swedish companies for debts of almost £388,000 following the failure of his fashion and design business.


1991 Following the coup in the Soviet Union which deposed Mikhail Gorbachev, it was reported that Phil Arthurs, Britain’s only professional Gorbachev look-a-like would be facing a bleak future. His agent was searching for someone to impersonate Gennadi Yanayv, leader of the group who had planned the coup.


1988 A ceasefire between Iran and Iraq took place after 8 years of war.

1990 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein delivered a speech in which he defended the detaining of foreigners in his country, and promised a ‘major catastrophe’ should fighting break out in the Persian Gulf.

1991 Mikhail Gorbachev was restored as Soviet President following the collapse of the coup which toppled him just 2 days earlier- news greeted warmly by many European leaders and Phil Arthurs!.

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