19th August

Born on this day 19th August
1871 Orville Wright
1883 Coco Chanel
1921 Gene Roddenberry
1940 Jill St. John
1940 Johnny Nash
1943 Billy J. Kramer
1946 William Jefferson Clinton
1951 John Deacon
1952 Jonathan Frakes
1969 Matthew Perry
1970 MC Eric
1985 Maggie Simpson

1966 David Essex’s fourth single, ‘Thigh High/De Boom Lay Boom’ was released.

1965 The Beatles’ ‘Help’ album stood at the top of the album chart.

1966 The Beatles topped the charts with ‘Revolver’.

1981 Sebastian Coe ran the mile in a new world record of 3 minutes and 48.53 seconds in Switzerland.

1995 In his first fight after his release from prison, Mike Tyson controversially defeated Peter McNeeley after 89 seconds. The fight was stopped when McNelley’s manager stepped into the ring, instantly disqualifying his fighter. US pay-per-view subscribers had paid $40 and ringsiders up to $1,200 to watch the fight.

1968 The final episode of ‘The Monkees’ was screened on US TV, with the group climbing on the ‘Last Train to Clarkesville’.

1970 Coronation Street screened its 1000th episode.

1993 The final episode of popular US sitcom ‘Cheers’ was screened in the US, bringing an end to 11 successful years.

1897 Electric-powered cabs were introduced in London, but with an average speed of 9mph and a range of only 30 miles, they were withdrawn 3 years later.

1960 Sputnik 5, carrying 2 dogs, was launched into space and was later retrieved as the first living organisms from space.

1989 Experts revealed that they had discovered that the earliest occupation of Edinburgh Castle. Rocks had been dated back to the Bronze Age which was 1,400 years longer than had been believed.

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