13th August

Born on this day 13th August
1888 John Logie Baird
1895 Bert Lahr
1899 Alfred Hitchcock
1935 Rod Hull
1927 Fidel Castro
1933 Madhur Jaffrey
1952 Marie Helvin
1958 Feargal Sharkey
1970 Alan Shearer

1876 Richard Wagner’s ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’ was first performed in its entirety in Bayreuth.

1964 The Rolling Stones appeared att he Palace Ballroom in Douglas, the Isle of Man, before a crowd of 7,000.

1981 Echo and the Bunnymen’s short film ‘Shine So Hard’ premiered.

1977 Steve Ovett won the gold medal in the 1,500 metres at the European championships in Helsinki.

1992 Comedian, actor and director Woody Allen began legal action against actress Mia Farrow to win custody of their 3 children. A judge ruled against Allen the following June.

1992 Comedian Richard Pryor, stricken with multiple sclerosis staged a comeback during a TV comedy special in Los Angeles.

1792 French revolutionists imprisoned the entire French royal family,including Marie Antionette.

1907 The first taxi cab took to the streets of New York city. The next day, 200 mile shortcuts were discovered.

1994 An Inretcity train collided with an engine at Edinburgh’s Waverley station causing injuries to 15 people, with 3 in a serious condition.

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