12th August

Born on the day 12th August
1881 Cecil B. De Mille
1888 Birthdays Marion Lorne
1922 Birthdays Fulton MacKay
1925 Birthdays Norris McWhirter
1939 Birthdays George Hamilton
1949 Birthdays Mark Knopfler
1951 Birthdays Kid Creole
1969 Birthdays Tanita Tikaram
1971 Birthdays Pete Sampras

1957 14 year old Frankie Lymon left top group The Teenagers.

1970 ‘Let It Be’ became the Beatles’ 20th US No.1 single in just over 6 years.

1986 Prince played his first London gig for 5 years at Wembley.

1984 Harold Zimmer from Trier, W Germany became the first competitor in Britain to fly over 50 metres unpowered. He used a hang glider, which was launched from a platform 30 feet up on Bognor Pier, West Sussex.

1996 Argentinian soccer star Diago Maradona announced he was leaving his football club Boca juniors, after missing 5 consecutive penalties and that he was checking into a Switzerland clinic to be treated for cocaine addiction.

1887 Thomas Edison made the first sound recording onto a cylinder.

1989 ‘Batman’ starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, opened in the UK.

1492 The Canary Islands were discovered by Columbus.

1981 IBM introduced the PC personal computer and Bill Gate’s operating system MS-DOS version 1.0.

1994 Brittany Ferries announced that it would refuse to carry live animals for slaughter because of the suffering caused.

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