4th August

Born on this Day 4th August

1792 Percy Busshe Shelley
1870 Sir Harry Lauder
1900 H.M. Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother
1901 Louis Armstrong
1908 Sir Osbert Lancaster
1913 Victor Mature
1941 Martin Jarvis
1943 Georgina Hale
1952 Marie Brennan

Died on this Day

1875 Hans Christian Andersen
2001 Lord Longford
2001 Joseph Cooper


1958 Billboard published ifs first ‘Hot 100’. Topping the chart was Ricky Nelson’s first No.1 ‘Poor Little Fool’.

1968 The Newport Pop Festival opened with stars including Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, Iron Butterfly and Tiny Tim.

1979 Led Zeppelin played their first gig in the UK for 4 years at Knebworth.

1980 Electronic made their live debut at the Dodgers Stadium in LA with Depeche Mode.


1984 South African athlete Zola Budd accidentally tripped US champion and gold medal favourite Mary Decker during the 3,000 metres in the Los Angeles Olympics .

1985 Steve Cram set a new world record for the 2,000 metres of 4 mins,51.39 seconds in Hungary.

People & Showbiz

1989 Steven Soderburgh’s ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’ starring James Spader opened in cinemas across the US.

1989 Great train robbers Thomas Wisbey and James Hussey were jailed for a total of 17 years for their involvement in trafficking cocaine with a street value of more than £500,000.

1992 Harrison Ford signed a record breaking five movie deal which would earn him £26 million.

General Events

1693 Champagne was invented by Frenchman Dom Perignon.

1944 Nazi police raided the secret annexe of a building in Amsterdam and arrested 8 people including 14 year old Anne Frank, whose diary became a famous account of the Holocaust.

1988 10 people were paid more than £30,000 by Nottingham police for wrongful arrest during the miner’s strike of 1984.

1990 A train driver was killed and 35 passengers injured when an empty train ran into the back of a Manchester to Penzance express at Stafford.

1993 According to a survey, Britons were the most moderate drinkers in Europe.

1997 As the controversy of alcopops continued, the JD Whetherspoon chain of pubs banned their sale at all 194 of their outlets Pressure groups afraid of the lure of alcohol to children were reported to be pleased with the decision which followed the Safeway supermarket’s decision not to promote the products at their stores.

2000 Celebrations took place all over the UK to mark the 100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth- the Queen Mother is the first of the Royal Family to reach her centenary.

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