2nd August

Born on this Day 2nd August

1892 Jack L Warner
1905 Myrna Loy
1925 Alan Whicker
1932 Peter O’Toole
1939 Wes Craven
1943 Julia Foster
1977 Edward Furlong

Died on this Day

1100 King William II
1922 Alexander Graham Bell
2003 Don Estelle


1964 The Kinks supported The Beatles at the Gaumont cinema in Bournemouth, where they were billed as ‘new and unkonwn London group’ .

2000 Madonna’s video ‘Music’ premiered.


1983 Sebastian Coe was forced to pull out of the World Athletics Championship because of illnesss .

1990 Steve Davis, the champion snooker player, married Judy Grieg in Bray, near Maidenhead.

People & Showbiz

1984 Charles M Scultz received a commission to publish his new cartoon strip ‘Peanuts’ starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends, in the Daily Times in Portsmouth, Ohio .

1987 The 50 year old Walt Disney movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ was re-released in the US and grossed almost $20 million in its first 2 weeks of release .

General Events

47BC Julius Caesar defeated Pharnaces III of Pontus and said the famous words ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ .

1776 Declaration of Independence is signed United States

1889 San Francisco was struck by a mysterious plague of millions of locusts .

1934 Adolf Hitler declared himself Fuehrer after the death of President Hindenberg .

1967 The second Blackwall Tunnel opens in Greenwich, London.

1993 An English farmer was arrested after his illegal collection of World War II shells and grenades exploded .

1998 Robin Cook announced he was leaving his wife to live with his House of Commons secretary with whom he was having an affair .

1989 Pakistan is re-admitted back into the Commonwealth of Nations, for restoring democracy, since 1972.

1989 Valvettiturai massacre is carried out by Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka killing 64 ethnic Tamil civilians.

1990 Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to conflict with coalition forces in the Gulf War.

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