1st August

Born on this Day 1st August
1819 Helman Melville
1930 Lionel Bart
1942 Gerry Garcia
1933 Dom De Luise
1936 Yves St. Laurent
1943 Geoff Britton
1959 Joe Elliot
1965 Sam Mendes
1969 Graham Thorpe


1960 Aretha Franklin recorded ‘Over The Rainbow’, her first non-gospel track.

1987 Dave Stewart married Siobhan Fahey of Bananrama.

1988 Bruce Springsteen’s wife Julianne filed for divorce.

1988 Albert Goldman’s controversial book on John Lennon was published.


1989 The fund set up for victims of the Hillsborough disaster reached more than £9 million, making it the largest civilian disaster fund.

1992 Steve Redgrave and Matt Pinsett won gold in the coxless rowing pairs at the Olympic Games.

People & Showbiz

1969 The first pictures of Mars were beamed back to earth by satellite

1986 Actress Tatum O’Neal married former Wimbledon champion John McEnroe.

1987 MTV the music based television station was launched in Britian.

1997 Television cook Delia Smith turned down an offer to become a working peer because of work commitments that included a new 20-part series.

General Events

1498 Christopher Columbus landed on ‘Isla Santa’ (later called Venezuela).

1944 13 year old Anne Frank made tha last entry in her diary. 3 days later the Grune Polizei raided the secret annex in Amsterdam, Holand, where the Jewish family was hiding.

1984 The Commitee on Safety of Medecines rejected claims by Professor Gordon Stewart that whooping cough vaccinations are as likely to cause brain damage, death or disability as the disease itself.

1990 The largest breeding colony of little terns in the country on Great Yarmouth beath, Norfolk, had been virtually wiped out by a kestrel and 2 hedghogs according to the RSPB.

1990 The temperature at Heathrow was 90F, one degree more than the 89F at Bawtry, Yorkshire in 1899.

1994 Robinsons as a precaution were recalling bottles of blackcurrant and apple juice because of fears that they might burst open after fermentation caused by hot weather.

1995 President Yeltsin began his 4th week away from office due to illness.

1997 A senior surgeon at mayday hospital in Croydon was suspended after it was revealed he had allowed a 16 year old schoolboy on work experience to assist in an operation.

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