30th July

Born on this day 30th July
1818 Emily Bronte
1863 Henry Ford
1940 Sir Clive Sinclairi
1944 Frances De La Tour
1947 Arnold Schwarzenegger
1958 Daley Thompson
1958 Kate Bush
1962 Squadron Leader Andy Green
1963 Lisa Kudrow

1983 Raymond Massey
1990 Larry Parnes
1996 Claudette Colbert

1956 Brenda Lee recorded her first session, with tracks including ‘Jambalaya’ and ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’.
1956 Little Richard recorded ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’.
1965 Sonny and Cher arrived in the UK for the first time and created an amazing amount of media interest.
1977 The Animals reunion album ‘Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted’ was released.

1930 Uruguay beat Argentina by 4 goals to 0 in the final of the first World Cup.
1932 The 10th Olympic Games opened in Los Angeles.
1989 It was revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh was disqualified from a Cowes Week race after a collision with another yacht during a race in the Solent.
1995 England won their first Test Match victory at Old Trafford since 1982. Dominic Cork took a hat-trick in the first over of a day that ended with the West Indies beaten by 6 wickets.
1995 Sir Stanley Matthews, the football maestro, kicked off in a friendly for Clevedon Town against Bristol City at the age of 80, to a standing ovation….

People & Showbiz
1928 The first colour motion pictures in the US were exhibited by George Eastman at Rochester, New York. Images included goldfish, peacocks, butterflies and pretty girls in pretty dresses.
1935 The first Penguin book was published, starting the paperback revolution. The idea came from Sir Allen Lane who wanted to provide a whole book for the price of 10 cigarettes. The first one issued was ‘Ariel’ by Andre Maurois.
1938 The first Beano comic went on sale.
1988 The last Playboy Club closed in Lansing, Michigan.

General Events
1898 Corn Flakes were invented by William Kellogg.
1989 Professor Baruch Ehrensberg from Tel Aviv announced that an ancient jawbone discovered in northern Irsael showed that man could speak 60,000 years ago.
1995 Myra Hindley was writing her memoirs and was planning to give the profits to the charity Save The Children.
1995 A seal which was sucked into a water tank at Hinkley Point power station near Bridgewater, Somerset was removed by the RSPCA, but it didn’t want to go as the tank as full of fish and eels.
1997 German genetic engineers unveiled the ‘megaspud’, big enough to feed an average sized family. Unfortunately according to Mike Storey, a chip expert with the British potato council, the new potatoes contained too much water and made very greasy chips.

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