29th July

Born on this day 29th July
1796 Walter Hunt
1871 Rasputin
1883 Benito Mussolini
1925 Mikis Theodorakis
1941 David Warner
1952 Joe Johnson
1956 Patty Scialfa
1966 Sally Gunnell
1972 Simon Jones

1890 Vincent Van Gogh
1974 Mama Cass Elliot
1983 David Niven

1976 John Lennon received a green card from US immigration allowing him permanent residence in the US.
1992 The first Welsh language Karaoke tape was released, called ‘Carioci’.

1948 The 14th Olympic Games opened in London.
1993 60 year old golfer Jean Bevan scored her second hole-in-one on the 13th green at Redditch, exactly a year after her first on the same spot.

People & Showbiz
1949 The first regular weather forecast was televised by the BBC.
1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married at Westminster Abbey, watched live by a television audience of over 700 million people.
1994 Jim Carey’s ‘The Mask’ opened in cinemas across the US.

General Events
1565 Mary Queen of Scots married her cousin Lord Darnley.
1588 Sir Francis Drake while playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe, was informed that the Spanish Armada had been sighted, but proceeded to finish his game before putting out to sea with the British fleet and defeating the 125-strong Spanish fleet.
1907 Robert Baden-Powell formed the boy scouts.
1958 NASA, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration, was created.
1995 5 white teachers resigned from Slough and Eton comprehensive school, claiming governors were discriminating against a predominantly white staff.
1995 Police found 51 illegal immigrants the biggest group caught entering Britain, hidden in the back of a lorry at Dover.
1997 28 year old Tracy Andrews was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court for the ‘road rage’ murder of her boyfriend Lee Harvey. She had constantly blamed the knife murder on an unidentified ‘fat man with staring eyes’, but after the sentencing, her own counsel said she hadn’t been able to come to terms with her own actions and had she explained what had happened that night, the outcome might have been different.

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