27th July

Born on this day 27th July
1768 Charlotte Corday
1824 Alexandre Dumas Jnr
1870 Hilaire Belloc
1929 Jack Higgins
1933 Nick Reynolds
1940 Bugs Bunny
1944 Bobby Gentry
1958 Christopher Dean
1962 Michael Ball

1980 The Shah of Persia
1984 James Mason
1986 Sir Osbert Lancaster


1976 Silent movie star Gloria Swanson appeared at a court hearing as a character witness for John Lennon who was fighting UD deportation.

1977 A Led Zeppelin’s US tour had to be cancelled when Robert Plant’s young son died and he rushed home.

1985 Paul Young’s version of Hall & Oates’ ‘Everytime You Go Away’ topped the US charts.


1986 Greg Lemond became the first American to win the Tour De France.

1993 An entire Nigerian football team on tour in Sweden was hiding there hoping for political asylum after failing to catch a flight home.

People & Showbiz

1962 Martin Luther King was arrested in Albany, Alabama, for holding a prayer meeting on the steps of the city hall .

1967 Britain’s pirate radio stations were declared illegal, and BBC Radio One was launched.

1984 The Prince movie ‘Purple Rain’ opened in cinemas across the U.S.

1989 Surrealist film maker Luis Bunuel’s short film about Salvador Dali and his family were discovered by chance after 59 years in a biscuit tin.

General Events

1586 Sir Walter Raleigh brought the first tobacco to England from Virginia.

1694 The Bank of England was founded.

1900 The H.J.Heinz Company, maker of ketchup with 57 varieties of tomatoes, was incorporated.

1993 The St Thomas Wildlife Park in Somerset announced that a pink pigeon which was one of only 200 in the world and related to the extinct dodo had been hatched.

1994 According to figures published by the Audit Commission, collecting council tax costs local authorities more than collecting rubbish.

1995 A man who was talked out of jumping from the roof of a multi-storey car park in east London returned to his car to find he had been given a parking ticket.

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