24th July

Born on this Day 24th July
1660 Charles Talbot
1725 John Newton
1802 Alexander Dumas
1867 Edward Frederic Benson
1867 Fred Tate
1895 Robert Graves
1898 Amelia Earhart
1914 Frank Silvera
1929 Peter Yates
1937 Mark Goddard
1942 Chris Sarandon
1942 Heinz(Burt)
1951 Lynda Carter
1951 Chris Smith
1961 Kerry Dixon
1966 Martin Keown
1970 Jennifer Lopez
1971 John Partridge
1975 Dafydd James
1977 Danny Dyer

Died on this Day
1980 Peter Sellers
1997 Brian Glover
1997 Andrew Cunanan


1965 The Byrds’ single ‘Mr. Tambourine’ Man’ reached the top of the chart.

1967 Child star Helen Shapiro made her acting debut in ‘I’ll Get My Man’, in St. Annes, Lancashire.

1967 Elvis Presley’s film ‘Double Trouble’ was released in America.

1971 Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ topped the US R&B album chart.


1988 Spaniard Pedro Delgado won the Tour de France despite a positive drugs test. The international jury for the tour had decided to take no action as the offending drug had not been banned by the International Cycling Union.

1995 A streaker who ran across the 18th green at the end of the Open Golf championship at St. Andrew’s was fined £250 by Cupar Sheriff Court.

2005 Lance Armstrong wins his seventh consecutive Tour de France.

People & Showbiz

1985 Walt Disney’s, ‘The Black Cauldron’, the studios most animated feature to date, opened at cinemas across America. The film, Disney’s 25th full-length animation cost $25 million to produce.

1995 The Globe theatre in London applied for £14.5 million from National Lottery funds to complete the project of reconstructing Shakespeare’s theatre.

General Events

1567 Mary Queen of Scots is deposed and replaced by her 1 year old son James VI.

1936 The Speaking Clock was introduced by the GPO.

1969 Apollo program: Apollo 11 splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean.

1989 Maldive diplomat Amin Didi Cetain was arrested in Portugal attempting to smuggle 3 suitcases of cocaine worth £45 million into Britain.

1994 Violent clashes broke out in London between demonstrators and police during a march against the Criminal Justice Bill. Mounted police charged 3 times to prevent the Downing Street gates being breached.

1995 Under new government proposals, criminals could have their property confiscated to help compensate their victims.

1997 Myra Hindley’s hopes of an early release were boosted after a House of Lords decision that Home Secretary Michael Howard had exceeded his powers when he increased the minimum period that a double murderer must spend in prison from 15 to 20 years.

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