23rd July

Born on this Day 23rd July
1886 Sir Henry Whitten-Brown
1892 Haile Selassie
1912 Michael Wilding
1913 Michael Foot
1913 Coral Browne
1927 Danny La Rue
1942 Myra Hindley
1947 David Essex
1953 Graham Gooch
1962 Woody Harrelson
1964 Tim Kellett
1965 Slash
1966 Samantha Beckinsale
1973 Monica Lewinsky
1983 David Strettle
1986 Reece Ritchie
1988 Pippa Bennett-Warner
1989 Daniel Radcliffe

Died on this Day
1996 Rob Collins


1955 Chess Records announced the release of Chuck Berry’s first single ‘Maybelline’ in the US.

1960 Adam Faith’s single ‘Made You’ was banned by the BBC.

1969 The Mayor of Los Angeles declared the first James Brown Day.

1977 Barry Manilow’s ‘Looks Like We Made It’ gave him his third US No.1.


1955 Donald Campbell set a new water speed record of 202.32 mph in his Bluebird.

1989 American Mark Calcavecchia won the Open Championship at Royal Troon.

1994 Neale Fraser, who was for 23 years Australia’s Davis Cup captain, advocated just one serve in tennis. ‘Why should anyone need two chances to get a game started? It was Henry VIII who started all this nonsense with two serves. He kept turning round to his flunkeys saying ‘Serve me another ball!”.

People & Showbiz

1989 Former Welsh guardsman Simon Weston, who was badly burnt during the Falklands War, wing-walked on a Boeing Super Stearman at the International Air Tatto in an attempt to raise money for the Weston Spirit charity.

1995 The National Trust was to appeal to Japan to help limit the numbers of Japanese tourists visiting Beatrix Potter’s cottage in the Lake District.

1995 A survey of accountants showed their ideal woman was Liz Hurley, far ahead of second place Joanna Lumley followed by the Princess of Wales.

General Events

1840 The Province of Canada is created by the Act of Union.

1984 The Oakland Zoo in California hired an architectural firm to design a £1 million love nest for elephants that was conducive to mating.

1986 In London, Prince Andrew, Duke of York marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.

1903 The Ford Motor Company sells its first car.

1994 Two children who floated half a mile out to sea on an airbed off Camber Sands, East Sussex, were rescued by a lifeboat. Their exhausted father was also picked up by the lifeboatmen after he swam out to try to save them.

1995 The Social Security Secretary was drawing up plans to restrict benefits to single mothers in an attempt to cut his £90 million budget.

1995 The Shadow Home Secretary, Jack Straw, wanted persistent young offenders to spend a weekend in jail in an aim to stop them embarking on a lifetime of crime.

1997 It was announced that a 4th jail was being planned for the Isle of Wight. he prison service was predicting the number of inmates to rise from 62,000 to 70,000 within the following year.

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