22nd July

Born on this day 22nd July
1844 The Rev. William Spooner
1888 Selman Waksman
1926 Bryan Forbes
1928 Jimmy Hill
1929 Vivienne Merchant
1939 Terence Stamp
1947 Don Henley
1955 Willem Dafoe
1964 Bonnie Langford

1934 John Dillinger

1960 Cliff Richard notched up his third chart-topper with Bruce Welch’s composition ‘Please Don’t Tease’.
1967 The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ hit the top of the charts.
1977 In the middle of his act, Tony Orlando announced, much to the surprise of the rest of Dawn, that this is to be his ‘last day as a performer’.
1984 Madonna began as an American tour, supported by new rock/rap group The Beastie Boys.

1992 Ian Botham received his OBE at Buckingham Palace, where he told the Queen that his greatest wish was to play for England again.
1992 Leeds United bought Arsenal midfielder David Rocastle for £2 million.
1993 The Heysel Stadium in Brussels, where 39 fans were killed during the 1985 European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus was to stage matches again.

People & Showbiz
1983 Half a dozen Welsh students shouted ‘Go Home’ at the Prince of Wales as he arrived for a meeting at the University of Wales, in protest against ‘English imperialism’.
1997 The Princess of Wales attended the funeral of murdered Italian fashion designer and former friend Gianni Versace in Milan. She flew from Cannes on the private jet made available by singer and friend Elton John and wore a striking black Versace dress to the service in which Elton and Sting sang a duet of ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’.

General Events
1989 A massive Bronze Age rock-cut tomb in the Orkneys was discovered when a lorry dislodged it in a sand quarry. The manager of archaelogical operations for Historic Buildings and Monuments in Scotland, John Barber claimed that it was one of the most important sites found this century.
1992 America moved closer to launching a military strike against Iraq when warships in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic were put on alert following Saddam Hussein’s refusal to allow United Nations arms inspectors to check the Agriculture Ministry for nuclear missile documents.
1994 Police sealed off the M5 in Gloucestershire after a member of the public spotted an arsenal of guns in a van. But armed police found they had ambushed a travelling theatre company and seized their armoury of props, including swords, replica machine-guns and a bazooka.
1994 The Home Secretary announced that the young killers of James Bulger were to be kept in custody for at least 15 years- much longer than recommended by the trial judge.
1995 Lady Wilson, the widow of the former prime minister, had her pension reduced by almost a half. Harold Wilson’s annual allowance of £28,700 as a former PM, was reduced to £15,000 for his wife.

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