21st July

Born on this Day 21st July
1664 Matthew Prior
1693 Thomas Pelham-Holles
1816 Paul Von Reuter
1863 Aubrey Smith
1899 Ernest Hemingway
1922 Molly Sugden
1926 Karel Reisz
1926 Bill Pertwee
1926 Queenie Watts
1935 Julian Pettifer
1943 Leigh Lawson
1944 Tony Scott
1945 John Lowe
1946 Barry Whitwam
1948 Cat Stevens
1951 Robin Williams
1953 Brian Talbot
1963 Kevin Poole
1974 Terry Caldwell
1975 Chris Bisson
1977 Paul Casey
1977 Jaime Murray
1981 Titus Bramble
1984 Liam Ridgewell
1989 Jamie Waylett
1989 Juno Temple

Died on this Day
1796 Robbie Burns
1967 Basil Rathbone
1998 Alan Shepard
2005 Long John Baldry


1959 Bobby Vee’s first single ‘Suzy Baby’ was released in the US.

1961 Eden Kane’s first hit ‘Well I Ask You’ topped the charts.

1972 Rod Stewart’s album ‘Never A Dull Moment’ was released including cover versions of Sam Cook’s ‘Twisting The Night Away’ , Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Angel’ and Chicken Shack’s ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’.

1977 Mick Jagger joined Linda Ronstadt on stage in Tuscon to sing ‘Tumblin’ Dice’, the Stones song she was currently having a big US hit with.

1990 The Moody Blues concluded another successful American tour by closing the Goodwill Games in Seattle.


1968 John Janssen became the first Dutchman to win the Tour De France.

1988 West Ham United put a £2 million transfer fee on their striker Tony Cottee, wanted both by Arsenal and Everton.

1991 Wales lost by 63 points to 6 against Australia in Brisbane, their worst ever international defeat.

1994 South Africa’s captain Kepler Wessels, scored 105 against England in the test match at Lords.

People & Showbiz

1897 The Tate Gallery officially opened.

1989 Comedian Ken Dodd was acquitted of trying to defraud the Inland Revenue. It took the jury 9 hours 50 minutes to reach their verdict.

1997 The 5th baron Haden-Guest swore the oath in the House of Lords upon inheriting his title after the death of his father. His wife, the American actress Jamie Lee Curtis said she only intended to use her full title of Lady Haden-Guest, when trying to get a table in top London restaurants.

General Events

356 BC Herostratus sets fire to the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

1403 Battle of Shrewsbury: King Henry IV of England defeats rebels to the north of the county town of Shropshire, England.

1972 Bloody Friday bombing by the Provisional Irish Republican Army around Belfast, Northern Ireland – 22 bomb explosions, 9 people killed and 130 people seriously injured.

1976 Christopher Ewart-Biggs British ambassador to the Republic of Ireland is assassinated by the Provisional IRA.

1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon, saying the immortal words: ‘That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind’.

1992 The Home Office admitted that more than 770 prisoners were on the run, after latest figures showed that out of 1,431 prisoners who had escaped since 1988, only 660 had been recaptured.

1994 The Drinking Water Inspectorate said in its report that 98.94% of the 3.5 million water samples tested in 1993 matched the highest standards laid down by Brussels.

1994 Tony Blair is declared the winner of the leadership election of the British Labour Party, paving the way for him to become Prime Minister in 1997.

1995 West End Garage in Wedmore, Somerset, was to be moved in its entirety to become an exhibt at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. The garage was founded during the First World War by William Tucker who was one of the village’s first car owners.

1995 Russia ordered a Virgin Atlantic flight to Hong Kong to land at Moscow airport, for allegedy violating its military airspace, with 250 passengers being forced to remain for 8 hours on board.

2007 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last installment of the international record breaking series, is released.

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