12th July

Born on this day 12th July
100 BC Julius Caesar
1730 Josiah Wedgwood
1807 Thomas Hawksley
1854 George Eastman
1895 Oscar Hammerstein II
1927 Frank Windsor
1928 Kathy Staff
1935 Roy Barraclough
1937 Bill Cosby
1943 Christine McVie
1947 Gareth Edwards
1966 Tamsin Greig
1969 Alan Mullally
1972 Jake Wood
1976 Anna Friel
1984 Gareth Gates
1992 Eoghan Quigg

1979 Minnie Riperton


1962 The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concert, at the Marquee Club in London.

1966 The Beatles won Ivor Novello awards for ‘We Can Work It Out’ for Top Seller and ‘Yesterday’ as Outstanding Song of the Year.

1975 Thin Lizzy and 10CC were among the performers at an open air festival at Cardiff Castle.

1983 David Bowie’s ‘Serious Moonlight’ tour opened in Montreal.


1987 English motor racing driver Nigel Mansell won the British Grand Prix.

1992 8 year old Luke McShane of Clapham, South London, bcame the youngest chess master in the history of the fame.

1992 Nigell Mansell won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

People & Showbiz

1982 ‘E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial’ broke all box office records in the history of motion pictures by surpassing the $100 million mark of ticket sales in the first 31 days.

1996 ‘Mission: Impossible’ starring Tom Cruise opened at British cinemas.

General Events

1191 Crusaders under Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lionheart) defeated the Saracens in Palestine.

1543 King Henry VIII married his 6th wife, Catherine Parr.

1960 The Ohio Art Co. introduced the first Etch-A Sketch for sale. Over 50 million units were sold in the following 25 years.

1994 Britain had its hottest day since 1990, with the highest temperature of 93F (34C) at the USAF base, Lakenheath, Suffolk.

1995 There was a service of thanksgiving for the life and work of Lord ( Harold) Wilso at Westminster Abbey.

1997 The government announced that annual changes in car registration are to be scrapped and replaced with twice yearly launches.

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