11th July

Born on this day 11th July
1274 Robert the Bruce
1922 Gene Evans
1934 Georgio Armani
1953 Leon Spinks
1957 Peter Murphy
1958 Mark Lester
1959 Richie Sambora
1959 Suzanne Vega
1987 Matej Gaspar

1934 Alfred Dreyfus
1937 George Gershwin
1989 Lord (Laurence) Olivier


1962 The Beatles performed at Liverpool’s Cavern Club.

1969 Paul McCartney completed ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ with final guitar and vocal recordings.

1972 Slade played a gig at the Portsmouth Meccano.


1995 A pub cricket match at Bidford-on-Avon in Warwickshire was abandoned when lightening struck a batsman and two spectators.

1997 A war between the sexes was reported to have broken out in the world of course fishing. One of Britain’s leading anglers complained about the inhibiting presence of women on the river bank, saying that women cramp the style of male anglers who no longer feel able to swear freely when they lose a fish or answer a call of nature. Angling Times editor Des Taylor said that women who play men’s games shouldn’t expect the rules to be changed to accommodate

People & Showbiz

1990 War games enthusiasts were banned by the Forestry Commission from its woodlands as the Commission believed they disturbed wildlife and damaged trees.

1995 The BBC was to undertake one of the most expensive productions it ever mounted on the life of Cecil Rhodes. The 9 hour TV drama was to cost £10 million and star Martin Shaw in the title role, with Shaw’s son playing the younger Rhodes.

1995 The Broadcasting Standards Council said in its annual report that complaints about violence, sex scenes and bad language had risen by 30 % in the last year.

General Events

1859 The chimes of Big Ben were sounded for the first time.

1983 A 12 year old boy in Norway took a Cessna aircraft for a 50 minute flight and returned safely though he had never flown before, after finding the keys in the ignition.

1990 A police officer was fatally wounded in a battle with Mohawk Indians at Oka, Quebec. The Indians were protesting at plans to extend a golf course across what they claim is ancestral land.

1991 Labour MP Terry Fields was jailed for 60 days for failing to pay his poll tax.

1993 8 red phone boxes restored by Dartmoor inmates were to go under the hammer at the prison’s first charity auction.

1995 The station at Largs in Strathclyde was wrecked when a passenger train crashed through the buffers.

1995 Police were attacked by gangs of stone-throwing youths in the second night of violence in Leeds.

1995 A colony of great-crested newts halted work on a £200 million rail depot near Rugby. They had to be moved to ponds as they are protected under European and British law.

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