4th July

Born on this day 4th July
1845 Thomas Barnado
1885 Louis B. Meyer
1900 Louis Armstrong
1924 Eva Marie Saint
1927 Gina Lollobridgida
1927 Neil Simon
1934 Colin Welland
1942 H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent
1962 Pam Shriver

1971 Donald McPherson
1993 Joe Derita

1976 The Ramones made their UK debut at the Roundhouse, London.
1982 Ozzy Osbourne married his manager, Sharon Arden

1988 Stefan Edberg beat Boris Becker in 4 sets in the final of the men’s singles title at Wimbledon.
1999 Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi by straight sets in the all-American men’s singles finals at Wimbledon. It was his record 6th Wmbledon win in 7 years. American Lindsay Davenport beat Steffi Graf in straight sets to take the women’s title and Graf announced it would be her final Wimbledon appearance

People & Showbiz
1990 Lord Chalfont said that hundreds of radio listeners were to be appointed as watch-dogs to monitor the performance of their local commercial stations.
1997 Michael Caine announced that he had decided to back Tony Blair’s Britain and stay in the country. During the run-up to the General Election the 64 year old actor had told reporters that if Labour were voted in and Blair carried out his threats to increase taxes he would live abroad.
1999 Posh Spice Victoria Adams married Manchester United footballer David Beckham at a private ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland. OK magazine paid the couple £1 million for the exclusive wedding photo rights.

General Events
1884 The Statue of Liberty was presented to the US from France, commemorating the French and US Revolutions.
1965 The NASA spacecraft Mariner flew past Mars, sending back the first close-up photos of the red Planet.
1983 Two schoolboys aged 15 and 16 were sentenced at Teeside Crown Court after being found guilty of holding up a bank with a toy pistol.
1993 After several months of restoration work, the Great Watching Chamber of Hampton Court Palace, one of the last remaining state apartments of Henry VIII was to reopen to the general public.
1994 Frederick West was charged at Gloucester magistrate’s court with a 12th murder. The previous murder charges arose after the discovery of the remains of 9 girls and women at Cromwell St, Gloucester. West was also accused of the murders of his daughter and his first wife.
1995 Prime Minister John Major was backed by 218 of the 329 Conservative MPs entitled to vote in the Conservative Party leadership election with his challenger, John Redwood receiving 89 votes.
1997 The Mars Pathfinder, carrying its 221lb remote-control buggy Sojourner, touched down on the surface of Mars. As other Americans celebrated Indepedence Day, flight controller Rob manning announced the successful landing to his team of cheering scientists. It was the first Earth-vessel to land on the Red Planet for 21 years.

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