29th June

Born on this Day 29th June
1397 John II of Aragon
1728 Captain James Cook
1889 Willie MacFarlane
1910 Frank Loesser
1930 Ian Bannen
1921 Jean Kent
1930 Robert Evans
1942 Charlotte Bingham
1943 Roger Ruskin Spear
1944 Gary Busey
1962 Amanda Donohoe
1971 Anthony Hamilton
1977 Zuleikha Robinson
1979 Abs Breen
1980 Mel Peachey
1986 Austin Drage
1993 George Sampson

Died on this Day
1861 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1967 Jayne Mansfield
2003 Katharine Hepburn


1957 Buddy Holly recorded ‘Peggy Sue’ which became a Top Ten Hit and remained in the UK chart for 17 weeks.

1991 A riot was reported at the Manic Street Preacher’s show in Cambridge.
While Cher scored her first No. 1 album with ‘Love Hurts’


1988 World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson announced his retirement.

1991 The British athletics team failed to retain the European Cup by the narrowest of margins when the 100m relay team was disqualified, leaving them in second place behind Russia.

1992 British No.1 Jeremy Bates lost his chance of a Wimbledon quarter-final clash with John McEnroe after losing in 5 sets to Frenchman Guy Forget.

People & Showbiz

1940 The Spring issue of ‘Batman’ comic went on sale in America, introducing the character Dick Grayson, later to become Robin, the Boy Wonder.

1956 In London, US playwright Arthur Miller, married actress Marilyn Monroe.

1974 Isabel (Eva) Peron, was sworn in as President owing to her husband Juan Peron’s illness.

1974 ‘Moonraker’ starring Roger Moore as James Bond, opened at cinemas across America.

General Events

48 BC Julius Caesar defeated Pompey at Pharsalus to become the ruler of Rome

1613 The Globe Theatre in London, England burns to the ground.

1644 Charles I of England defeats a Parliamentarian detachment at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, the last battle won by an English King on English soil.

1801 The first British census was carried out, revealing a population of 8,872,000

1905 The AA was formed.

1964 American scientists unveiled the first remote control for a television set.

1966 Barclays Bank introduced the first credit card in Britain.

1993 According to research in Norway, a regular dose of oil from a Minke whale’s blubber could prevent heart disease by stopping arteries from hardening.

1994 Mr Will Procter celebrated his 109th birthday at a party at his Wirral home. He was said to be the oldest man in Britain.

1995 The US space shuttle Atlantis docked successfully with the Russian space station Mir, to create the largest man-made satellite ever to orbit the earth.

2007 Two car bombs are found in the heart of London at Picadilly Circus.

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